The emergence of OOH and Digital OOH prove to be paradigm shifts in the marketing field. A look at the new age marketing tool…

Which was the last advertisement you saw and remembered? If you’re thinking in terms of conventional media, you might have either skipped it online or changed channels on TV or ignored it in the newspaper. With the advent of technology and the multiplicity of options that come along, it is difficult to notice advertisements. How do you promote brands in such a situation? Out of Home (OOH) and its digital avatar offer a breakthrough.

The Emergence of OOH

OOH emerges out of necessity, in a world that’s constantly on the move. Traditional mediums are increasingly failing to engage audience effectively. The reason is shrinking attention span of the audiences and schedules that constantly demand them to be outdoors. Creative billboards, banners and kiosks create a solid presence for brands. Crisp messages and captivating visuals enable reading in a matter of seconds.

The advantages of OOH are that it offers a great recall value, it is a low cost endeavour and it provides ample creative freedom.tylenol-wrecking-ball-billboard

Digital OOH – The New Age Tool

The only drawback traditional OOH has is that it is not interactive. Digital OOH not only removes this hitch but it uses it as its prime advantage. Real time experience can be generated through devices like digital billboards, kiosks and high quality screens. In such an experiment, Microsoft utilised on location data and synced it with live audience, to promote its interactive system Cortana, through a billboard. This impresses and consequently engages the audience; it lends dynamicity to your marketing and the brand.

The importance of smart content, however, does not diminish. Old rules, like a billboard copy should ideally have a maximum of 7 words, still apply. The difference is that it has to be combined with a firm backing of technology. Its proper use can make the design look glossier which makes it easier to grasp attention.

The Next Big Thing

DOOH is definitely changing the rules of the marketing field. There is a vast scope for innovation in this area and as technology expands base, it is bound to find more takers. More the innovation, wider is the reach. In a recent campaign, Jaguar installed a screen with its car’s images, at airports in England. The choice of location was perfect since it was where its target audience visited in flocks. But the masterstroke was that this ad was displayed on a curved digital display. It imparted an altogether different class to the advertisement.outdoor-grand-prix-hed-2013

So, be it reach, impact or innovation, DOOH proves to be a fruitful tool in new age marketing. The most crucial factor that makes it the thing to look forward to, is that there is still a lot to explore in it.