Back in 2012 Tic Tac really went big with their ‘Shake it Up’ campaign.  They flooded New York with the Augmented Reality Series on television, print and out of home media by providing them with the ultimate novel Marketing Experience.


The campaign mirrors the shaking of a tic tac pack to find different flavoured tic tac candies by telling people to shake things up by breaking from the mundane and doing something new and different. It targeted the simple daily activities like stating that “Most Americans spend 13 years of their lives watching TV.” 


They targeted the online games section through the ads that said “84% of People Always Sleep on the Same Side of the Bed,” which led them to a game where they could roll the guy from one end of the bed to the other avoiding falling objects. And there’s more!


Their OoH game was as strong as their TV and print scene with the roll out of their 3 tiered billboard projecting the AR experience with a way to enter their consumers’ Social Scene. The billboards featured special ads implementing heavy duty personalization with the consumer in the center of it all. The outcome? Pictures of their consumers in Times Square which they could share on Facebook with their friends.

Back then this was a complete 360 degree marketing campaign what with the launch of their mobile app called Tic Tac Viewer . It rebuffed the traditional advertising scene by giving their consumers the chance to interact with their print and outdoor ads by providing edgy Augmented Reality experiences.

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India needs to catch up with the Augmented Reality wagon and come up with edgy Digital Out of Home Marketing Campaigns. And for that, we need to train brains to adapt to the growing need of professionals who can come up with such campaigns.