This is the story of the MarComm , MR batch 2014-15 industry visit to Star CJ productions.

At Northpoint, with all the pressure of assignments and presentations, students are quite used to sleeping late. But getting up early? That’s a bit of a problem.

But this time due to certain constraints of the industry visit, everyone had to get up early; very early. On 16th February 2015, we had to leave campus by 8 am for an industrial visit to Star CJ Productions at Grant Road, Mumbai.

Surprisingly, everyone did get up on time!

Everyone enjoyed the bus ride to Mumbai and we reached the venue well within time. We gathered in a hall, where we were addressed by the CEO of Star CJ, Mr. Kenny Shin. Mr. Shin was extremely warm and welcoming. He shared a brief overview of the company, teleshopping category and urged everyone to learn as much as they could from the visit.

Then the technical head for Star CJ Mr. Ghagre, took the students in two batches to give a guided tour of the production facilities. During the visit the students had an opportunity to see: a live shoot in progress, lights,camera set up and master control room functioning. They also got to see the sound recording studio, make up room, graphic editing department and the server room.

The visit was extremely interesting for all the students and was also a great learning experience for all. Ms. Bapat of Star CJ was also kind enough to organize lunch for all the Northpointers.

In conclusion, the Industry Interface Council would like to thank Mr. Paritosh Joshi for requesting Star CJ, to allow Northpoint students in their production house. We would also thank Ms. Jayada Bapat of Star CJ for her warmth and hospitality during our visit. And we appreciate Northpoint F & B team for preparing an early morning breakfast for all.

Mr. Mantri supervised our visit, which was extremely kind of him. The support of our God Mr. Vinayak was also invaluable. Thank you to Ms. Pinky Dias, Ms. Velanie D’Lima and Ms. Nikita Mascarenhas for their support in scheduling the industry visit.

And also most importantly, we thank each student who came for the industry visit. Without all of you, making this visit a success would not have been possible!

– Rahul Bhandare


Industry Interface Council

PGPMarComm 2014-15