Northpoint, Khandala: Oil sizzled, onions were diced furiously and halwa stirred vigorously on the day that the students decided to invade and conquer the kitchens of Northpoint. February 15th 2015 was a special day, orchestrated by the Kartavya Council at Northpoint and christened as “Staff Day”. A day where students would cook and serve the staff at Northpoint.

The staff at Northpoint are the backbone of the campus. Without hesitation, petulance or second thought, they carry out various operations on campus and ensure that the students, guests and faculty are made comfortable. Their efficiency is such that it often goes unnoticed or unappreciated. But not on this day.

A dedicated team of hardworking students put together a grand feast of Masale Bhaat, Misal Pav, Moong Dal Halwa and the Northpointers’ Special- Vanilla Ice Cream topped with kiwi and rasgullas. The rest of the batch supported these students by helping them with the washing, serving, sweeping and swabbing.

The staff ate with gusto, relishing each dish set before them.  Once lunch was done, students carted back the tables, washed the used dishes and set the dining area in order. The day was amplified by the excitement of the India-Pakistan game. And while the Indian team gloried in their victory, the heartfelt thanks from the staff made us feel like we won too.


Kaveri Chandrashekar & Mohit Hirlekar

MarComm Council

PGPMR 2014-15