There are great lectures and then  there are those which give a whole new dimension and direction to the  way we think. A misconception that creativity is an inborn talent and as an art, cannot be learnt was proved wrong in such a lecture.

Generating new ideas is all about trusting your brain  and your heart. Everybody is creative and has the power to synthesize their non-relevant thoughts into novel and  relevant ideas.  This is what Mr Adi Pocha’s workshop on  ‘creative ideation’ enlightened us about. He defined creativity as “a combination  of novelty and relevance”.

Mr Pocha elaborated on how to open new ‘cupboards’ of ideas in the mind to enhance one’s  creative potential. He made us believe that no mind can ever be empty. The session brought about a change in our  thinking process. We were introduced to unique techniques like ‘grumbling’ and ‘wishful thinking’ that helped us in honing our creative skills.  His exceptional style of teaching on how to brainstorm developed more confidence within us to express  our thoughts and expressions freely. Within a short span of time, students came up with lots of ads on anti-littering, anti-eveteasing and smoking. Mr Pocha said “This is the one talent that everyone  seems to have within themselves. And a childlike brain will allow you  to explore more ideas without rejecting any one of it”.

Students definitely felt the floodgates of creativity open in their minds after his session and wished he came back for more. The two  day session will be cherished by one and all.

Written by Kinnari Kamdar and Manika Tekriwal of the PGPMarComm batch  of 2014-15

Edited by Vivek Kapoor