What is an advertisement to you? A classic ad that portray’s the product in an exceptional setting and a catchy jingle, which will stick in your mind and have an instant brand recall. But is that the kind of advertisement you wish to watch now a day’s?

With the rapid change in time and the mentality of people, our world is going through a social revolution. With an introduction to new media people have shifted to different interactive platforms. As advertisers/marketers it is our responsibility to reach out to them through their preferred medium.

But in the clutter of these clichéd advertisements, where can we break through?

In the new progressive world, brands are no longer defined by their TVC‘s but with what the consumers can associate the product with. Marketers and Advertisers have realized the need to make ads, which touch a human feeling by targeting relatable social topics. This is where Acts not Ads comes in.

The philosophy of Acts not Ads connects consumers and brands to a new level where the consumer can emotionally connect with the brand. The new language of advertising is not the spoken one; it is the language of action! Any idea that creates compelling content will lead to a conversation which will eventually lead to a greater penetration of the idea in the society. Media in any form can be interactive if you add action in centre of it!

A beautiful example of this philosophy is the Tata Tea – ‘Jaago re’ campaign made by Lowe Lintas. The campaign was based on the thought that “tea can wake you up but Tata tea can awaken you”. The campaign perfectly touched the uninterested masses and provoked them to wake up and face the issues of the society. It drove people to take an action and contribute to bring a change in the country. More than thousands of people participated actively in the campaign on more than 200+ live projects.

After understanding what this philosophy means, we can understand that ads have actually moved ahead from their basic purpose of gaining sales as they realized how acts can impact the mindset of the consumer. Acts help brands play a meaningful role with a purpose in people’s life.

-Jinal Patel