11 months of a tumultuous and rewarding journey came to it’s grand finale for the Northpoint Centre of Learning’s batch of 2016-17.

The current batch believed that they deserved the best ending which they will remember for years to come. They were on their toes and up for two nights to give their seniors the best convocation to commemorate their journey.

It was the morning of 11th November. Thankfully, a bright, sunny day. Inside the NCL campus was a cacophony, a heady rush as some students clambered to complete their allocated duties, take care of the guests or the food arrangements while others ensured the whole event flowed smoothly.

But it was all worth it to see the joyous yet nostalgic look in our seniors’ eyes as they hugged, laughed and relived treasured memories.

The main event started at 11am sharp. The Alumni was invited inside with pomp and show amidst the smiles and applause from friends and family. Mr. Indranil Ray, our course director opened the ceremony and invited our chief guest for the Samay Lighting

Our chief guest for the day was Mr. Saugata Gupta, CEO & MD of Marico India. He was accompanied by our Chairman, Mr. Prem Mehta, Ex- MD, Nielsen, Mr. Partha Rakshit,head of Human Resources, Nielsen, South Asia, Mr.Mahipal Nair and CEO of the Lowe-Lintas group, Mr. Raj Gupta.

Our honourable guests commemorated the occasion by giving us words of advice and measures on how to succeed in life, climb the corporate ladder and what it means to be at the pinnacle of your career and still be a decent human being. Their words were both motivational and inspirational to the gathered batches. The batch collected their certificates and then awaited for the next stage of the convocation.

Mr Indranil Ray, took to the stage to give out the much awaited awards! The best student council award which went to NorConnect- the student council responsible for securing placements and industry connect. The students truly deserved it for all the hard work they had put in!
The next to be felicitated were the three marketing whizzes- Aditya Menon for Advertising, Mukta Chogle for Digital Marketing and Gurnain Thappar from the Marketing Communications batch.

The next set of awards was for the toppers of the batch. For the Market Research batch, the second runner up was Rohith Sundar, the first runner up being Aaron Mathew and the topper- Natasha Kumar! The Marketing Communication batch got equally hyped up and couldn’t wait to get their toppers on the stage. The joint third runner up were Alisha Narekuli and Anindya Ray, the first runner up being Aditya Menon and the topper of the batch- Anurag Naik!
The toppers were invited and gave heartfelt, moving speeches thanking all that Northpoint had done for them.

The ceremony came then drew to a close, with the entire batch lingering, thanking and sharing not so old memories. They were ushered for their photographs. Catch them in action below!

Jinal Patel
PGPMarComm 2017-18