“The bad news is that time flies but the good news is, that you are the pilot!”

We relate to this statement without a doubt, here at Northpoint. It’s the fourth week already and the first week is a blur. No, not because I became comfortable easily, but because there was less time to be uncomfortable.

Speaking of discomfort, debuting in staying away from home was not easy for a lot of us. The transition was difficult, but since we’re all sailing in the same boat, we could be the co-passengers in each other’s journey and be there for each other.

From our first formal dinner to our latest late-night Maggie sessions, from starting to share living spaces to now sharing secrets, from talking for the first time to now communicating with just expressions, we have come a long way indeed and the road ahead will be full of surprises. We’re all learning here, not just lessons but also people, developing not just thoughts but ideas, trying to figure out life and not just our career.

While researching for this article, I decided to ask everyone about their experience till now. They all had vague answers. Awkward, slow, a struggle, etc. Honestly, all of this is true. It has been a challenging few weeks where time would either flow by or just stand still. I have a philosophy. Just observe a vehicle taking a turn. Before the turn, it must slow down. I believe that the same happens in life; while taking a new turn, we need to slow down before speeding up. And that’s the best analogy for our time here in Northpoint. We slow down, recoup to just gear up for the next hectic weeks, managing it all, together.

To everyone in the campus,

“Mai nahi janti yunhi sath chalte chalte hum kitni door jayenge,

Par aise hi chalte rahe to kareeb jaroor aa jayenge!”.