Post Graduate Program in Marketing Communications is a program offered by the Northpoint Centre of Learning with a specialization in Advertising, Digital Marketing and Media Management. An 11 month fast track course that has been designed by the senior managers from the top firms in the industry.

Why Marcomm is the right course for me?

If you have a flare for technology, spend long hours on social media, like to understand the cause and effect of consumer behaviour on digital platforms then you may enjoy a career in Digital Marketing. If you enjoy reading societies and people as they evolve, enjoy creating big ideas that persuade, like to think out of the box then you may enjoy a career in Advertising. If you enjoy people and want to learn how best to reach them, enjoy reducing tons of numbers to meaningful and actionable strategies then you may enjoy a career in Media.

This course will give you a complete understanding and exposure to the relevant industry.

Why opt for Marketing Communications at Northpoint?

Northpoint has successfully run 9 career programs in Advertising, Media and Marketing Communication since 2004. This course has a unique training model that is in sync with the current needs of the industry since the whole curriculum is designed by them to make all the learning relevant and updated.  250 of Northpoint alumni are currently placed with some of the largest organisations like JWT, Lowe Lintas, Ogilvy, Leo Burnett, Madison, Lintas Media Group, Aegis Media, Pickle Advertising (earlier known as SSC&B), Tangerine Digital Entertainment, Lintertainment, Madison communications, etc.  You will be trained at the hands of at least 80 senior managers from the industry.  You have an opportunity to spend a large portion of your training inside large organisations and on the field. The PGPAMMC is a Certificate program.  It is a launch pad for careers with leaders in Advertising, Media and Digital world. It develops you as a manager, a marketing professional and an advertising specialist for a career full of ideas, excitement and glamour.

It is a residential program at Khandala where you will be constantly in company of not just your fellow batchmates but also other bright minds that will mentor and guide you through the entire program. The whole curriculum is divided in 6 modules: PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT & BUSINESS ORIENTATION, MARKETING MANAGEMENT, SALES MANAGEMENT, MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS,  RURAL MARKETING & URBAN RESEARCH, SPECIALIZATION, DISSERTATION and NorCouncil which are further divided into lessons in theory and practice that encompasses the learning of all the aspects of the industry.

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How is the course different from the other courses offered in the market?

The classroom sessions will be held at our Northpoint campus in Khandala.  However, a large portion of the program is real-life exposure in the form of stints in sales, rural, and a specialized internship in advertising/ media / digital depending on the program you apply to. Practical learning is through hands-on internships on live projects in companies. All round development through the program with focus on personal developmental areas like presentation skills, time management, team working, grooming and etiquette, etc. All training is at the hands of practicing managers to bring real-life learning into the classroom.