2) Was it really a dream?

“Get up Vishnu! Its 7 am, lunch is on the table, eat cornflakes for breakfast, and leave for college on time, Wake up!!
Now these were the things that my mother told me as she was leaving for school. Handling responsibilities of being a teacher, a mother, a wife, and just being herself! I wonder how she manages it every single day.
Where was my father? I was looking for him; he was nowhere to seen in the house, and then I remembered that he had left for a meeting at 6 am. Then it all came back, “I’m going to Pune, will be back by tomorrow night, have kept money on the table, and don’t sleep for too long”.
As I finally managed to wake up 10 minutes past 7, last evening’s events came back to my mind. I thought to myself, wait…how did I reach home? When did I reach home? I had no recollection of what happened. My last memory was asking that dreaded question to myself, ‘what was happening?’
As I was preparing coffee, I began to ponder really hard on what really happened. There were these recurring visions coming into my mind of me talking to that man.
Did I know him? How did he seem so familiar to me? Did I have a divine intervention? Was god taking his revenge on me for having no belief in religion? How could that happen? How was that even possible? Maybe nothing happened and I was just over thinking. The milk had boiled and it spilled all over the gas stove which made me get back to my senses and start cleaning the mess.
Maybe I was over thinking. I decided not to think much about it and that’s when my phone rang; the name displayed ‘hell’, and the time as 7:67.

I had heard the term shit scared, I had known people who were shit scared at a certain point of time, I even had a certain idea what the term could mean, it was at this moment I realised the true meaning of that term.

I dared not to pick up the phone, I pinched myself, it hurt, holy shit it’s not a dream!

How could this be possible??
What was happening??

Then I wondered, ‘was it really a dream?’

To be continued…