We asked marketers to indicate how they will change their social media activities in the near future. Survey-takers were asked to indicate whether they will increase, decrease,
remain the same or not utilize various social media networks and tools.

Marketers plan on increasing their use of YouTube/video (76%), Facebook (72%), Twitter (69%), blogs (68%), Google+ (67%) and LinkedIn (66%) in that order.
A significant 75% said they have no plans to utilize daily deals or will reduce their efforts. Fifty-seven percent have no plans to utilize geo-location. Here is a breakdown by social media channel:

1) YouTube:
The second year in a row, YouTube/video is the top area where marketers plan on
increasing their social media efforts. A significant 76% of marketers plan on increasing their YouTube and/or video marketing. This is slightly down from 2011 (77%). Businesses with 26-99 employees indicated this is a key growth area, with at least 80% responding affirmatively Younger marketers (77% of those aged 20-49) are also more likely to increase their video production than older marketers (68% of those aged 60+).

2) Facebook
Facebook is clearly a top choice. Ninety-two percent of marketers are using Facebook and 72% plan on increasing their activities. Less than 4% of marketers surveyed do not plan to utilize Facebook. Second only to YouTube/video, Facebook is an area where marketers feel they can achieve substantial results. Seventy-six percent of B2C plan on increasing Facebook efforts. Seventy-seven percent of small- to mid-sized businesses (26-499 employees) will also increase their Facebook activities. Facebook is also the top focus for people just getting started with social media marketing (79%). Additionally, small- to mid-sized companies with 26-499 employees are more likely to increase their Facebook use (77%) than small (70%) or large (69%) organizations.

3) Twitter
A majority of marketers (69%) will increase their activities on Twitter, slightly down from 73% in 2011.
Enterprise-level businesses and small businesses of 25-99 employees are most likely to increase their activities on Twitter, with 75% reporting affirmatively. Of marketers working 21 hours or more per week with social media, as many as 80% say they will increase their use of Twitter in 2012.
Marketers aged 20-29 (78%) are far more likely than their peers (68%) to increase their use of Twitter.

4) Blogs
Blogs remain a strong area of focus for social media marketers, with 68% indicating they’ll increase their blogging activities. The self-employed are more likely to step up their blogging, with 76% reporting increased activity (down from 79% in 2011).
Of those who work 11 hours a week or more with social media, at least 73% of marketers plan to increase their blogging. In 2010, 81% of marketers planned on increasing their blogging and 75% said the same in 2011.

Newcomer Google+ is on the radar for many marketers. Most businesses (67%) plan on increasing their Google+ activities, while more than 1 in 5 have no plans to use Google+. Of those putting at least 11 hours per week into social media marketing, at least 73% plan to increase their use of Google+.
Ninety-two percent of marketers working 30-35 hours a week with social media affirmed this. Male marketers (70%) are more likely to increase their Google+ use than female marketers (64.5%).

As expected, B2B companies are significantly more likely to plan on increasing their use of LinkedIn (76% of B2B versus 55% of B2C). Both are increases from 2011 levels (71% of B2B and 51% of B2C). Social media newcomers (72%) were more likely to increase their use of LinkedIn. Enterprise-level businesses were least likely to increase their use (59%).

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