Ads with Weather Triggered Sensors are not new to the International Advertising World. One of the recent Digital Out of Home (DOOH) delights is the outdoor advertising campaign for Pimm’s, designed for British Summers. Great Read for OoH enthusiasts!!

We have come across interesting billboards and hoardings. Outdoor Media in India is evolving but we are nowhere close to understanding the dynamic nature of Out of Home Advertising.


CLIENT : Pimm’s, a brand of fruit cups from England.

AGENCY : Posterscope & Carter


Posterscope (Our OOHA Program Partner) and Carat , came up with a clever strategy to target the weary British consumers out and about on a sunny day. They put up weather controlled ads that appeared once the temperature reached 21 degrees, urging them to grab a Pimm’s who pride themselves as the “iconic drink of the Great British Summer” as told by Glen Wilson, managing director at Posterscope. This was run in Birmingham and London across 12 Ocean Outdoor screens between 12.00-16.00 on Thursdays and Fridays, and between 16.00-20.00 on Saturdays and Sundays. When it hits the 21 degrees the ad displays an appealing Pimm’s jug with the tagline “Best served with Sunglasses”


Liveposter, Carat, Posterscope and Lighthouse took this concept up a notch for their next idea for Pimm’s later in July. Diageo, the brand owner partnered with several Taylor Walker pubs in Victoria, London and The Metro Restaurant & Bar, Claphalm involving them in another one of their weather sensor triggered ad installations. They utilized the beacon network in place at pubs which then counted the exact number of smartphones to calculate the number of vacant seats in the pub. This information was later beamed onto the billboards around the location inviting people outside to visit the available pubs to grab a mug of Pimm’s.

OOH Consumer Survey (OCS), a 5,500 people survey about Out of Home Marketing Campaigns done by Posterscope revealed that weather and location motivated OOH ads are the most interesting concept that they’d love to see more of.

India is also learning lessons and the same brand Posterscope as well as Milestone Brandcomm of India, in association with Northpoint Centre of Learning have launched a Fast Track certification in Out of Home Advertising, first time in India. Be a part of this change!