9th May, 2012

India is right now on the cusp of a digital revolution. For a very long time, India has been pregnant with the possibility of having a large internet user base. On one hand we had America with 300mn users and on the other hand we had China with 400mn users…but India remained stuck with something like 30-40 mn users, for almost a decade.
Over the past two years we have seen a sudden spurt in these numbers, aided partly on account of proliferation of smart phones. Today we talk about 80 mn to 100 mn users and this population is likely to double in the next 3 years. While in percentage terms 200mn is just 20% penetration,in absolute terms this is a market bigger than some of the
large European nations put together. And this market in any case has 80% of the purchasing power. read more How Social Media is changing the landscape for Indian brands

23rd April, 2012

 It’s been just a few months since I formally moved to the digital side of marketing. And already I’m putting up my copy of Cutting-Edge Advertising on ebay and looking for a new Creative Bible. As Javed Jaffrey says in all those Maggi Ketchup commercials: it’s different. It’s not just the medium. It’s the way consumers interact with it. What they expect from it. How easily they can build or tear down your brand in it. Bernbach laid out broad guidelines, Ogilvy prescribed rules. I don’t presume (not loudly, at least) to be of their stature, but here are some of the things this copywriter has learnt about digital communication. read more How To Shift To Thinking Digital