10th September, 2017

Firstly, let us understand what is Market Research. It is basically qualitative and quantitative determination and assessment of a market.

A pharmaceutical industry deals with the research and development and eventually marketing of drugs which can be branded or generic. Market research plays an important part in the process since pharma products usually cannot sell themselves.

The key players in a pharmaceutical industry are: Health Care Professionals (HCP’s), wholesalers/distributors, pharmacies/chemists and medical sales representatives.

The most commonly followed process includes- Medical sales representatives give calls to HCP’s and promote their products. Based on Dr’s feedback he/she may recommend the product to the patients. Parallelly, the products are made available to the central warehouse from the manufacturer via Clearing and Forwarding unit (CnF), then to the stockist and sub stockist and finally to the hospitals or retailers. This makes sure that the products are available for patients use.

Stages of Market Research


Types of Market Research in Pharmaceutical Industries


  1. Hospital Purchases: Here the hospital pharmacies directly purchase pharmaceutical products from the company.Research involves measuring the Purchase Orders (PO’s) from the hospital pharmacies and outflow of Over the Counter (OTC)/prescription products from the pharmacy to the patients.
  1. Physician Panels: Physicians here, share their opinions on medical updates and take interviews or surveys to ensure right decisions are taken pertaining to patient care and health policies.
  1. Warehouse Withdrawals: Each Medical Sales Representative is assigned a territory comprising potential Drs and a Ship-to-Code and Sell-to-Code stockist/distributor from where the orders are given to the company depot. Research can be used to track the inflow and outflow of stock keeping units (SKU’s) both ways.
  1. Promotional Media: To gauge the impact of communication tools used by sales representatives. Market Research is used to track the HCP visits made using the detailing guides, promotional inputs, samples and monitor the change in prescription habit.
  1. Retail Pharmacy sales/purchases: In this type, there is a need to measure the influx of products from the wholesaler/distributor to the retail store/chemist and the outflow to the consumers. The details are procured to obtain data of OTC/prescription products off-take.
  1. Retail Pharmacy Prescriptions: Sales Force Effectiveness measurement. Tracking prescriptions gives a very clear picture of SKU wise product performance and to understand the degree of message conveyance to the prescribers and consumers.

Measuring the effectiveness of performance at each level will give a complete understanding of opportunities in the market place, guides in planning and building communication for existing and potential customers.

To sum it up, market research for a pharmaceutical industry can provide in depth information to managers to make appropriate decisions regarding the industry.

Riti Jugat

PGPMR 2017-2018


Northpoint Centre of Learning

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15th September, 2015

Market research gives you an invaluable insight into the dynamics of the market. The Returns on Investment are both tangible and intangible. read more Proving ROI of Research for Professional Service Firms

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4th September, 2015

Market Research Survey is evolving to become tech savvy, modern and shedding its time consuming and expensive older process.

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28th August, 2015

 Market research is at the heart of any branding, product launch or product innovation activity. The process has a logical flow and should be understood in a methodical way.
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10th August, 2015

Men and Women have different buying needs, we all are aware of that but how do they shop, in what circumstances! An interesting Market Research study on Spending Priorities of Men & Women in India

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25th February, 2015

With the rapid internet and smartphone penetration in India, the online platform is the next undiscovered space and is also at a very nascent stage. Recently, the Marketing Research students were exposed to the various facets of the digisphere by Jaideep Singh Juneja, Manager at Nielsen Online. The session also included a run through Social Media Research, which was taken up by Vinod Venugopal, who happens to be a Northpoint alumni.

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20th February, 2015

Marketing has always been recognized as an important business activity. It is as old as business itself though its shape and form has grown. From the simple act of selling something on offer, to increasingly sophisticated methods of reaching a customer with the objective of selling, the very meaning of Marketing has, and continues to, evolve at a faster pace than ever before.

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13th February, 2015

Internships are usually about understanding the organization, gaining familiarity with the culture and networking with your future employer. The students of Marketing Research program started their 2nd internship of the program, on 26th November 2014. They are interning at the Nielsen office in Mumbai and Gurgaon. In a short span of 5 working days, they students have experienced something that is usually reserved for management trainees and employees with experience: Interacting with clients.

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6th February, 2015

Jenny Abraham, the then Managing Director of TNS India in 2004 was asked by a leading Business Reporter from the Economic Times as to ‘How old is the market research sector in India and what its size is? He promptly replied, “At the age of 35, the market research industry in India is at a whopping 325 crore and growing by more than 10% a year.
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21st November, 2014

FMCG industry is considered to be “recession proof” and a safe bet for investors in the stock market. The stock markets are currently bullish which is witnessed by a whopping 30% rise in both BSE and Nifty. This optimism unfortunately is not reflected in the FMCG stocks (Sensex FMCG Index), which have witnessed a paltry 15% rise as compared to benchmarks.

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