The Northpoint blog is another step in our efforts to create a forum for the development and sharing of knowledge. Because knowledge has a way of growing the more it is spread around.

The Northpoint model for management development is a unique one. It focuses on building actionable knowledge through close industry participation in course development, delivery and real-world training.

This ensures that all learning at Northpoint is relevant to contemporary business needs.

This blog represents an open knowledge /experience sharing opportunity for current students in the post graduate programmes, executives participating in MDPs, the over 200 strong alumni and over a 100 practising managers who come in to train at Northpoint every year. So, if you have an interesting experience, some knowledge out of research, an interesting article or thoughts and opinion that you would like to share come and be member of the Northpoint bloggers commune.

You are most welcome if you have already been associated with Northpoint in any manner. You are equally welcome if this has not happened yet but would like to share your ideas, experiences and thoughts with those who are passionate about learning and growing.

See you around..

Prem Mehta


Northpoint Centre of Learning